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Paranormal – the autobiography of the man who taught us there was light at the end of the tunnel

‘I felt that the question of the afterlife was the black hole of the personal universe: something for which substantial proof of existence had been offered but which had not yet been explored in the proper way by scientists and philosophers…’ from Paranormal by Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody published Life After Life early in his career, in 1975. In it, he examined the case studies of people who had been declared clinically dead, but who were revived. Many had incredible stories to share. The book introduced the term ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE) to the world and has since become a modern classic. It also established Dr Moody as the world’s leading authority in the field of NDE experiences.

In Paranormal, Dr Moody considers a lifetime spent investigating NDEs and fascinating phenomena such as ghosts and reincarnation. His autobiography offers an intimate look at his quest for answers to the question of what happens when we die. It is also a moving and compelling portrait of a man who launched an entirely new field of scientific research, yet who was beset by an illness that nearly led him to take his own life.

Not surprisingly, Paranormal is attracting rave reviews:

‘A lucid, engrossing memoir from a psychologist and philosopher dedicated to the afterlife  …an overwhelming sense that this eccentric visionary just might be on to something…the fascinating life story of an impassioned mystical maverick.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Thrilling and inspiring…Anyone who is not grateful for Moody’s immense contribution to human welfare ought to check his pulse.’ Larry Dossey, author of Healing Beyond the Body

‘Moody’s pioneering activities have…helped millions of people to understand and accept these special states of enhanced consciousness’ Pim van Lommel, author of Consciousness Beyond Life

‘Fascinating and heartwarming’ Jeffrey Long MD, author of Evidence of the Afterlife


Paranormal by Raymond Moody is available now from Rider Books.